Business Excellence in 5 steps

We help organizations to create sustained excellence with this simple 5-step approach:

Step1: First, identify all the stakeholders of your organization. These include shareholders, customers, partners, employees, and may also include society and the environment. Stakeholders are those who feel impacted by your organization in some way.

Step2: In excellent organizations, all stakeholders always feel your organization impacts them positively. Positive impact is perceived as a benefit. This is why we define the benefit that each stakeholder most probably expects from the organization.

Step3: To deliver this benefit, your organization needs a vehicle, like excellent products and services. To make sure your vehicle is functioning properly however, your organization needs efficient processes behind them. So look closely at your organization’s processes and identify the most important ones that deliver the benefit you intend for your stakeholders. These key processes need to be improved to ensure a benefit.

Step4: To improve key processes in a focused way, define performance indicators for every key process, together with targets. Select these performance indicators and targets in a way that illustrates whether your key processes are optimized toward delivering benefit for your defined stakeholders.

Step5: Now close the loop: Measure your performance (inside the organization) and benefit (e.g. perception from stakeholders) for all key processes and check that there is a correlation between performance and benefit. If your performance is good and stakeholders confirm that they feel the benefit, you have created excellence! If the correlation is not good enough, you simply improve your key processes and measure again.

If you keep doing this every day, every week and every month, you will have improved your organization’s excellence in a sustainable way, and to the delight of all your stakeholders! This is our vision, to create more excellence everyday! This vision is guided by the values of respect, trust and care.

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Simplicity = Profits

It's true that consultants on process management are readily available, and are likely to be good. If the high cost of consultancy is a challenge for your organization you may also invest in the many books that are available from experts. Even with these resources evidence still shows that many managers cannot even explain process management, let alone implement it in their organizations without confusion.

CFYourAdvantage is different by virtue of the value it attaches to simplicity!

Instead of adding complexity, CFYourAdvantage uses our simple 5 step approach to demystify the entire process of creating customer value and benefit for all your stakeholders. CFYourAdvantage uses common sense as the basis for intelligent business analysis methodologies.

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Process management as common sense
A conceptual overview of our process management methodology and how it can improve your business.

Translations available: German | Arabic | Chinese
Business improvements in 5 simple steps
Diagnose and make business improvements using this tutorial and its accompanying worksheet. Under 10 minutes.

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Dr. Christian G. Forstner

Dr. Sc. Nat., Dipl. Phys.
Director, Business Development at EFQM

Dr. Forstner is a nuclear physicist with a PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. He has 25 years of experience demystifying business complexities to achieve strategic goals. He has directed business excellence on behalf of the president of Siemens Power Generation, and he is the principal strategist and process management consultant for many global organizations that impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. He has 15 years of experience in analyzing (assessing) all types of organizations, including large multinational organizations of more than 50,000 people. He founded CFYourAdvantage on the principles of simplicity, balance and sustainability. He is licensed to train company analysts (assessors) in the widely-accepted EFQM methodology and strategy assessors. Dr. Forstner is also assistant professor at a renowned German University.


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